How it works

Software engineering is one of human's most creative and at the same time, disciplined works. It's truly amazing to see how with the same set of hardware (computers), humans can create countless remarkable innovations and experiences from videos, gaming, AI to improving automation, manufacturing and so on. In this blog, we will discover how ASSV leverages the power of the minds to enable more innovations with less time and investment.

It only takes a computer to work in software engineering

Nowadays almost everyone has a computer. It only takes a computer with a connected internet to work in software engineering. Technically speaking, almost everyone is equipped to work on software engineering. The physical entry barrier to software engineering is truly low.

🎯 With the rise of extremely affordable ARM based computer like Raspberry Pi and satellite internet like Starlink, our team at ASSV is very excited to work on future educational project to help human in remote areas around the globe to contribute to the software engineering workforce and improve their lives economically. We always look for partners and sponsorship on this mission, drop us a message if this cause resonates with you.

Contrary to the obvious, the human mind does it all

Contrary to popular belief that a computer can do this or an application can do that, the computer or the application simply repeats what a software engineer instructs it, to respond to some foreseeable actions of a user. The more comprehensive the application is, the more work the software engineer (and the team) has put on it.

Good software requires a good amount of dedication

By the nature of software engineering (as above), given 2 software teams have the same quality of talents, whichever team has more time will be able to come up with a more comprehensive foreseeable set of actions of users. Hence a better, smoother user experience. More time also means more investment.

Talents is from all around the world

While Silicon Valley is considered the most popular cradle of the world's innovations, the cost of software engineering in this area is also the highest. This cost puts a damp, or sometimes a kill to innovations and brilliant young ideas.

In 2020, the wild spread of Covid-19 pandemic devastates almost every business. The world realizes something. In fact, it's more like a materialization. That, if you only need a computer to work, you can work from anywhere.

Moreover, more than 60% of engineers in Silicon Valley are foreign born. They are talents before they get here. If they can contribute at home, they can do the same at their home countries.

Silicon Valley is always the bleeding edge

As always and forever will be, Silicon Valley, the birthplace of computers, internet and break through technologies is the frontier to push forward the world's innovations.

The sweet combination that brings the great value

Our teams at ASSV comprise engineers from offices in Silicon Valley and around the world, we have access to the latest technologies and distributed talents. Which gives us a unique proposition to help you build the best software with an affordable price and aggressive timelines.