Q: What's your company vision?

A: Apex Software Silicon Valley (ASSV) 's mission is to enable more business innovations by reducing time and cost of software development with combined tech talents in Silicon Valley and around the world.

Q: What's the typical cost saving of ASSV compared to an in house software team?

A: You can save at least 50%. If it costs $500,0000/year to run your software team, with us, you have the same result for only $250,000/year, minus the headache of managing the team and the project.

Q: What kind of software quality can we expect?

A: You can expect the same software quality we have in Silicon Valley. Whether a candidate is from Silicon Valley or somewhere else, we apply the same interview process that we have here in the bay area.

Q: How much time do I save?

A: Let's assume your project needs 6 team members. Each will take around 5 - 6 weeks time and cost 20% yearly salary to recruit. We can assemble the team within 1 - 2 weeks. That's a saving of 4 weeks and at least $100,000 to kick off a new project. You'll save more with a bigger team and/or project size. This is a game changing experience we are providing so you can spend more time and capital to focus on your innovations and business.

Q: How will the software development process be?

A: You'll have your hand on the pulse of the development. You will:

  • Have a dedicated point of contact (Project Manager) per project.
  • Receive daily update on development and progress (standup notes).
  • Have access to the tracking dashboard to: tasks, milestones and releases.
  • Be able to test the latest release anytime on our 24/7 staging server.
  • Have a progress demo every 2 weeks sprint.

You are encouraged to engage with the project as much as possible.

Q: It sounds very compelling. How do I start?

A: Contact us.